Enormous indoor range
We have 2 Floors and
20 & 30 Yards, Targets are
HUGE 4 feet square and hard
to miss, Lower floor is 20
yards and upper floor is 30
yards and
3D's surround the perimeter.
With movable targets for
Groups, tuning or kids.  
Chronograph and Paper
tuning racks are available .
And a huge parking lot across
the street and next to store
*A few questions for you to ask yourself, Think about it.*
Is your bow shooting right or its making a lot of noise when shot?
Are your arrows wobbling when you shoot them????
Does your bow shake and vibrate when you shoot it???
Do arrows fall off or through  the rest???
Do your arrows group the way they are supposed to???
Do your arrows hit your rest when leaving the bow???
Are your strings over two (2) years old???  Time to replace them
We carry all the accessories you will need for your bow.
Custom Arrows Carbon - Aluminum - Wood Etc.
Arrow wraps or special fletching
Custom made Strings and cable sets
Sights, Rests, Stabilizers, quivers and accessories of all kinds
Cases, Blinds, Tree stands and more.
Crossbow headquarters For Barnett -Tenpoint - Kodabow
*B & A Archery Is Strictly Archery*
B & A Archery Inc.
7169 State Rd. Philadelphia 19135  215-333-3520
OK Moron get over to B & A Archery
and learn how to shoot!!!
Plenty of Parking
across the street
in our lot.
We will give you a free
month with your bow
sale of $300 or more
Only Indoor
Archery Range
and Archery
Mon to Thurs
Fri 1-6
Sat 12-6
Sun C
More Online Sales  Read this
Then Read This,
Where you bought your bow,  is where your warranty is.
Lets say you buy it online, or a big sports store. Neither
one of those companies will take your bow back for repair
they say to send it to the factory for repair!!! That's $35.00
each way for shipping. You don't have a leg to stand on.  If
you get it back to the store soon enough you might be able
to return it MAYBE!!!, but not online. Once you have it,
it's yours.  Imagine if it breaks during hunting season?
When you buy a bow from a online source or a sports store or a
catalog store,  They will put the parts on your bow and tell you
it's set up, when it's not. You have to remember the people you
are dealing with. These people are part timers and others that
have no idea how to put your bow together correctly. You will    
need to bring in that bow and have it properly set up by a pro or it
will not perform.
That Bow setup service is included in our prices
when you buy your bow here, You are also given a month free
range card and helped to sight your new bow in. And 99% of the
time we are cheaper than the big stores anyway, so check our
prices before you buy anywhere else.
Did you buy your bow online or from a catalog store??
Come in and try Archery it's a
very addictive sport you will
love it as it's something you can
relax doing. You do it at your
pace shooting a bow does not
mean hunting, there are tons of
different styles of archery that
are not about hunting such as,
3D Shoots, Paper targets like
Spots Bullseye, FITA and a lot
more. Compound or traditional
makes no difference you will
have fun with Archery!!
Read This!!!!
B & A is your
Crossbow Headquarters
We will be your crossbow service center.
Make sure you
Check yours out carefully before going out
Hunting, the string and cables are the most
likely place to wear or break. Check the
bottom of the center serving on the string

We Have The  
Creed - Chill  
ZXT Bows
In Stock
Call us for special group rates
Or rent a spot for the
little ones party
All these above items are correctable, and
Are problems that we can fix very easily.
We are open 6 days a week
To keep your bow shooting at
it's best restring your bow
every 2 years after the season
as we all know string stretch
and wear are the two biggest
problems with strings. Eliminate
the problem Replace them
Put your deer on our
facebook page.
This group was tuned and
shot on  a Spott Hogg  
bow tuning machine
Super tune
your bow!!!
And it will
groups like
this one
Online bow purchases
You have to immediately have that bow checked for twisted limbs or
lots of other problems that can be on that bow as well as the draw
length problems, that can be expensive. Certain bows have cam
specific draw lengths, which means a $100.00 dollar cam, if it does not
fit you, and if it does where is your warranty, you don't have one and
if you do, you have to ship your bow to the factory to have it
repaired, that's only if it was bought new. Think of when your bow
breaks in the beginning of deer season and you have to ship it back to
the place or the factory. You can forget about getting it back for the
season. You have places like ebay and Craig's list to buy from but you
have no guarantee on that bow So then what?? Make sure it can be
returned and get it in writing along with what your situation is. Can
you get your money back?, Both of the above places are hard to work
with for a refund and they will tell you it's up to you to get a refund
from the seller, fat chance of that happening.
The major problems are that the bow purchased is to long or to short
in the draw length department, or the draw weight is way to strong
for you to pull back and now your stuck with it either way. I check
lots of bad Internet bows every week new and used Buy local and you
have a warranty and a place to walk in and get it fixed.   Bill>>>>